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5 benefits of better, more effective time and energy management for creative business owners

5 benefits of better, more effective time and energy management for creative business owners - Mike The Biz Guy


What is the point of running a business if you are too busy to enjoy the results? I have put together a short list of benefits that are offered by managing your time and energy more effectively. These are all things the, in the long run, will; serve you well.


1 - Finding the perfect balance between work and home life.

Balance is hard, to this I can wholeheartedly relate. It may be hard but it is not impossible. The thing with having a healthy balance is that it is a fairly dynamic concept. There are times when your personal life has to take precedence and there are times when work has to take precedence.


I know that probably makes it sound like it’s not possible but, hear me out. An effective time and energy management strategy in place means that these moments are fewer and farther between; but, when they do occur you will have a framework in place that will mean that it will not be detrimental to any aspect of your life. You will still be able to live your life to the fullest of its potential.


2 - Stronger client relationships.

What makes you the most money in your business? Is it that super-duper product or service you offer? Maybe it’s your sexy branding? Or, it could be your badass website bringing home the bacon.


Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if that was the case? The thing that makes you money is your relationships with your clients.


An effective time and energy management strategy includes time for building and maintaining relationships with your clients. These relationships make you the go-to person for whatever it is you provide in the minds of your clients. Those relationships are what have people coming back time and again. Those relationships are what make people want to recommend you to the world.


3 - A new, healthier mentality.

How important are you? Regardless of how you answer this question right now, the true answer is ‘more than anything.’


So many of us (not just entrepreneurs; but, it is most common as an entrepreneur) leave ourselves off our priority lists. We have businesses to run, families to feed and stuff to do. The thing is when you make yourself a priority, you start to do your best work.


You are the most important person in your world, without you, there is no ‘your world.’


When self-care becomes a habit many other areas of your life will feel the benefits. Your business will thrive because you will be at your best. Your personal life will benefit because not only do you have time for your loved ones, you have the energy too.


The people in your world will also start to take better care of themselves. In your world, you are a leader. Lead by example.


4 - Efficiency and productivity on a level that you previously thought was impossible.

Imagine living in a world where there was enough time to get everything done…


Well, you don’t need to. When you properly manage your time and energy, your assigned work time becomes so mu7ch more focused. What previously took half a day to complete can now be done in an hour.


Why is that? It is because you are approaching each task with energy, enthusiasm and passion. The passion that you will find again because you are no longer working for your business, it is working for you. As it should.


The recovery time you now allow between work blocks means that you can attack each task as if it is the first task of each day. With fire, purpose and intent.


5 - A new level of self-awareness.

Tracking, and reflecting upon, your time and energy regularly will get you in the habit of performing regular self-analysis.


Being more self-aware has potentially massive implications for your business and life. The better you understand yourself the easier it becomes to initiate change. Development and growth start with self-awareness.


Being self-aware means that you will be able to spot many of life’s problems before they become problematic. Being self-aware means that you are far more likely to be proactive, rather than reactive.

5 benefits of better, more effective time and energy management for creative business owners

Written By Mike on 01.01.0001